Made in Italy Materials

Sustainability it’s our core value.

The phases of the production cycle have a low environmental impact and respect the environment around us.

We limit the use of energy resources where possible in order to reduce the impact on our ecosystem.

Real leather

We only work leather from italian tanneries. That guarantee the origin of the hides.
The hides that are processed by the tanneries are obtained from the food industry.
Vegetable tanning is another piece of this puzzle: tannins, natural extracts from vegetable sources, are used in the leather coloring process.

Bonded leather

This sustainable materiali is one of the best alternatives to real leather: it allows us to save on production yield and still remains pleasant to the touch, elastic and very versatile.

The leather waste from the tanning industry is pressed and bound using natural glues, therefore obtaining a resistant material which is very suitable for the production of fashion accessories such as buttons and buckles.