Programmed sewing with automatic sewing machine

We are able to repeat the same sewing on high quantity articles thanks to the Brother sewing machine; we offer an high quality articles and a low production cost.

Manual sewing

We offer also an hand stitching with needle & thread in order to give to the articles uniqueness and preciousness

Continuos blade cutting

In order to have a low sampling cost, we cut the shape of the articles thanks to an Atom machine during the sampling

Die cutting

After the customer confirmation, we develop the mould of the shape in order to produce high quantity articles and a low production cost.

Digital print

We customize the goods thanks to the Roland Digital print. It allows us to do shiny or matte print and in relief logos.

Foil stamping

We realize hot stamping on goods with embossing and desbossing effect.

Antique finish

We are able to give to our articles a vintage effect.

Dying edges

We manually dye the edges of our goods in order to give high quality and preciousness to every single articles.